Documentation, Billing,Coding and Compliance 

Why USe Ask Dr. for you Documentation, Billing, Coding and  Healthcare Compliance

We realize not every practice is the same. Every office is unique.   Our goal is simple …We want to make your practice the best it can be!  We all practice differently but eventually we all will be  subject to an AUDIT. We work with you and your staff to identify why claims are denied, ways to improve your documentation, and develop staff proficiency therefore increasing the profitability of your practice.
We’ve Built Our Team to Help Yours
Our team  is lead by a Dr. Christopher Anderson, a Doctor of Chiropractic who runs several successful multi-physician  practices in Wisconsin.   Dr. Anderson has received specific training on chiropractic documentation,billing auditing and Compliance, and has the opportunity to speak across the country. Dr. Anderson utilizes compliance standards set by the Federal government we’ll help your practice function at its highest level.
Efficiency and Profitability
We aim to provide our clients with time-sensitive and relevant information needed to efficiently operate a practice in today’s compliance-driven environment. With our medical necessity training you’ll understand how insurance rules should be applied to your practice and begin to eliminate denied claims altogether.

We’ll help you write less and say more in your documentation by using the rules to your advantage, saving you time and allowing you to see more patients.​