Documentation, Billing,Coding and Compliance 

Have your office audited by a Certified Compliance Officer. Consultation is provided with complete confidentiality to provide you with  the ability to spend  more time with your  family.

Have a Billing, Insurance, Medicare, Coding or Compliance question or issue you need assistance with? 
Rates: $200 per hour or 5 hours for $900

In this fast-paced, one-day visit, Dr. Chris comes to your office to conduct a review of your practice procedures, and help you identify insurance and compliance issues possibly being noticed by insurance carriers. Recommendations will be made in order to increase office efficiency and profitability. This one-on-one time will help your practice implement processes that will go a long way in protecting you from an audit. Please Contact us for a quote.

As a chiropractor, you expect your patients to continue into wellness care as a preventative measure for their well-being but why do you not treat your back office systems in the same manner? Our internal auditing service is just that – a preventative measure for your back office. Please Contact us for a quote.

Standard Audit Includes:
• Chart Review for each provider with written report (10 charts)
• Inspection for Medicare Guidelines, Coding and Documentation Compliance  
• Review for Examination (E/M) Guidelines  
• Review for Compliant Billing Practices
• Review for Compliant Discount Practices
• Review for use of Compliant Intake Forms
• Inspection for Federal and State Anti-Kickback Laws  
• Inspection for Stark Law Violations
• Review of office for PPO Compliance (NCQA) Guidelines
• Inspection for OSHA and CLIA Guidelines
• One month e-mail, fax and telephone support

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Baseline Audit( Charts only)
• 10 Chart Minimum – 2 per carrier including self-pay patients


Practice Specific Staff Training:
• 4 hour Minimum with Dr. Chris Anderson and/or Dr. Melani Crocker and/or  Dr. Ron Short and/or  Dr Jennifer Kocour

Having the right staff can be the difference between a fun and profitable office versus a stress-producing, dysfunctional office. We work with professional practices of all sizes and any length of experience to better train their staff, and find the right balance for your office!

The correct staff will help your practice meet 3 important objectives:
Allow you to delegate tasks
Create more referrals
Be Compliant 

Expectation management coupled with specific and thorough training will allow the practitioner to create a staff that will promote a happy, profitable, and harmonious office setting. Imagine if your staff was organized, proactive, self-starting, and loved to come to your office every day. How much better and easier would your day be?

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HIPAA Security Audit

The purpose of this report is to identify any risks to electronic personal health information at  your clinic  Clinic and to serve as a guide in mitigating any threats and  risks, in the locations owned and operated by  your Clinic. 

Risk Assessment Approach  Dr. Christopher Anderson will conduct the risk assessment. All participants with access to either of the systems under evaluation will be interviewed. Workstations and equipment with access to either database will be independently evaluated to determine security, accessibility, and data at rest is not at risk. Humans and equipment will be evaluated and addressed separately.

  • System Characterization
    • Software:
    • Hardware:
  • Administrative Safeguards:
  • Administrative: Training
  • Administrative Forms
  • Administrative: Human Resources:
  • Physical Safeguards:
  • Actions:

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OIG Consulting Includes:

  • On-Site Inspection of the premises for compliance
  • Chart Review for each provider with written report (minimum 10 charts)
  • EOB Analysis for each provider
  • Accounts Receivable Analysis
  • Inspection for Federal and state anti-kickback laws
  • Inspection for Stark law violations
  • Review of office and documentation for National Committee for Quality Assurance  (NCQA) Guidelines
  • Establishment of proper patient consent issues
  • Medicare guidelines, coding and documentation compliance
  • ALL Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Regulations
  • Inspection for OSHA and CLIA Guidelines
  • Code of Conduct and the Qui Tam Policy for your office
  • E/M Guidelines Establishment
  • Personalized Compliance Manual with available training for all staff and providers of the office
  • One month e-mail and telephone support

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